Bolster Cushion

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This functional and sculptural cushion functions as a highly supportive addition to the modern home. Due to its density and shape, a Klay Bolster Cushion functions equally well on the couch, bed, or bench seats, supporting your neck, legs, or any other part of the body that needs a foundation for rest. This sturdy cushion has five hand-crafted layers, starting with an inner firm core.

Structured and firm, Klay cushions are designed and made with endurance in mind, thanks to Kirsty McLay’s methodical handiwork. Five hand-crafted layers (and unparalleled composition) make Klay cushions resilient and comfortable. The soft, supportive cushion inners are made from repurposed natural-fibre flocking (a blend that is 80 per cent wool), foam and locally-made batting; covered in calico, each is hand-trussed, sculpted and steam-moulded into its final shape. Klay cushion outers are made from linen, velvet and cotton. The cushion outer features an invisible colour-matched zip and can be removed and washed — or swapped with another Klay outer for a different look.

Size: 20cm in diameter, 45cm long
Weight: approx 785 grams

*Please note that the cotton range is locally overdyed and handwoven, so part of their character is that they may have weaving flaws or streaks from the hand made processes — which is part of what makes this textile so special.

Comes with the insert. You can also buy the covers on their own.

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