Sensitivity and practicality are at the heart of Klay, a small business that commands respect for the process and skills that are integral to high-quality making. 

Launched in 2013 with a tiny offering, Klay expanded holistically and by 2016 had sure footing, a website, and wholesale stockists. A true family operation, founder, designer and lead maker Kirsty McLay works closely with daughter Hannah, who helps realise Kirsty’s vision. This familial ethos extends to Klay’s community of makers, retailers and customers, with Klay items found in homes around the world.

Klay encourages consideration from its community — countering disposability, and instead encouraging appreciation and a care taking approach to objects.

Scale and pace are pivotal to Klay. All designs, patterns and as much construction as possible pass through Kirsty’s skilled hands, and she works closely with a handful of trusted local makers to cut, sew, prewash and create her range.

Kirsty’s background in film and costume alongside her expertise with traditional processes give her work a depth of context and knowledge — from her attention to detail, to the rigorous steps undertaken in the labour-intensive making process, and her profound appreciation for beautiful, functional textiles and natural materials.

Tactile velvet cushions in rich, personal hues have become something of a Klay signature, as have dense linens and the hard-wearing cotton's of Klay’s jackets. These varied yet kindred textiles encompass Klay’s expansive appeal and reflect an appreciation for objects that are good, designed to work, and (with care taken) to last a long time.

Every Klay item is designed to be functional, beautiful and, importantly, to get better over time. Klay items live with you.