We are a made to order business - Current lead time is 15 working days


What does made to order mean?

All of our items are made to order. This means that we only make the item once a customer has ordered it. This is an environmentally and economically sustainable way of manufacturing because it means we are not producing items that are excess, reducing the energy and waste produced from over production. It also means that we can offer a much wider range of styles and fabric options for such a small independent business. We always aim to have online orders dispatched in 15 working days. Please contact us at any time for updates on the process of your order.

Why are many items made from limited fabrics?

Most KLAY items are made from limited run fabrics – particularly the velvet cushions, which made from dead stock fabrics. These are beautiful quality fabrics that are the ends of fabrics from other larger international designers. Although this may mean you miss out on a limited-edition item, using dead stock fabrics do have advantages:

  • We can utilise high quality special materials and have a wide range of fabric options, without having to order large minimum quantities of each from textile mills, which is economically impossible for a small-independent label like KLAY.
  • Using dead stock is more environmentally sustainable, as we are making do with left over fabric and not contributing to the reproduction of new materials by making use of excess dead stock fabrics.
  • Pieces are special as they are in limited runs.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we often do custom orders for customers. Please get in touch if there is a KLAY style you would like customised. Please include a detailed description of what you are after and we can see if it is something we can do and can give you a quote based on complexity and quantity.

Typically the types of customisations we do are to do with size changes. We do not make items in fabrics supplied to us. Our usual cost for customisations is 30%. Email: hello@klay.co.nz

Who made your postcard artwork?

The print was made for KLAY by London based artists Anna Hodgson and Harry Darby. More of their work can also be seen on their instagram page @annahodgson.harrydarby

What packaging are orders sent in?

We aim to make our packaging compostable.

We use tissue paper, kraft paper and paper masking tape to wrap orders before putting them into either a compostable satchel or a cardboard box, which is closed with PE free kraft paper tape.

However if we are sending a large order outside of Auckland that we think the paper tape might not be strong enough to take, we may use minimal amounts of plastic tape to make sure it is secure enough for the journey.

We are continuously looking for a strong paper packaging tape. If you have any suggestions please email us! hello@klay.co.nz

Where do your materials come from?

We source all our materials from NZ factories or wholesalers. Our cushions are made from various NZ made products such as the wool blend wadding, poly batting, recycled flocked rag. For all the fabrics that are not dead stock, they are bought through local agents/ wholesalers that import them from overseas.

Our swing tags are letter pressed locally at an Auckland printers.