Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately we are too busy to do custom orders. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. Please see our 'Shipping info page'.

How can I be notified when an item is re-stocked?

Please subscribe to our email newsletter. I send out emails to subscribers when we have new items, go on sale or re-stock sold out items. To subscribe: enter your email on the pop-up on our website, or by scrolling to the bottom of the landing page.

    Who made your postcard artwork?

    Our first postcard we send with all first time orders print was made for Klay by London based artists Anna Hodgson and Harry Darby. More of their work can also be seen on their instagram page.

    We also have a postcard we send with orders with artwork by artist Ilke Gers. More of her work can be seen on her website and instagram page.

    And our more recent postcard artwork was made for us by plant scientist and florist Cynthia Fan, who is based in London. More of her work can be seen on her website and instagram page.