SAMPLE 100% Hemp Shower Curtain, Blue (large)

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This is a one off sample in a mid blue colour. It is the large size, but slightly smaller: 1.78m Wide X 1.73m Long.


100% Hemp Shower Curtain. 

100% Hemp fabric makes a great shower curtain as it is naturally antibacterial & antimicrobial. From what I have read, pure hemp is less likely to grow mould than any other fabric.

This beautiful quality hemp we have sourced is grown and produced organically. It is of course biodegradable too and you won't be breathing in microplastics when you shower.

From our experience, testing these for over a year, across four bathrooms - we believe that you do not need a plastic liner with them. The hemp curtain gets wet, however when the water comes in contact with it, the water just clings to the fabric and falls down. In fact, it is better not to use a plastic liner as it allows the natural fabric to breathe and dry between uses, reducing the chance of mould growing.

The fabric is a great weight (165gsm) that is heavy enough to hold a good drape and not billow around (like thin plastic ones!), but light enough to dry between uses. Pure hemp has a beautiful texture to it that looks a bit like linen and is a bit translucent when held up to the light. The light shines through the fabric creating a soft warm glowing light, which is a beautiful experience when you are inside. We believe that bathrooms (especially in NZ) should feel warm and comfortable, which is why we are only selling warm colour shower curtain colours.

Finished with 12 buttonholes. We also sell stainless steel shower curtain rings here in packs of 12.

Made locally in Auckland by our little Klay team. We believe these 100% hemp shower curtains will last a long time and are worth the investment.

We sell fabric samples of the hemp here if you want to see the colours and texture in person first.

Care: Please note that even though hemp has wonderful naturally antibacterial qualities, like all fabrics it can grow mould if not looked after. Here are our suggestions for using these shower curtains:

  • Fully extend shower curtain between uses so it can dry. If using it with a bathtub it might help to move it away from any surface that it clings to.
  • Keep your bathroom ventilated by opening a window whenever possible.
  • Treat this like your towels or bed linen. We suggest washing every couple of weeks on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees, low spin using a gentle eco friendly laundry liquid. Do not use any bleach or whiteners. We do not suggest putting these in a dryer. After washing it - hang it somewhere that it can fully dry in the sun. No need to iron them as wrinkles will go when you are showering.

You can read more about how to look after them, including if they do have mould on them on our 'care info page'.

These have been pre-washed/ pre-shrunk.

Please send us an email if you have any questions

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