PRELOVED Disc Squab Cushion, Cocoa Power Brown (dyed)

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Preloved. In very god condition. Has been hand washed and steamed.

Comes with a brand new disc inner (current/ big size).


Great for adding a layer of comfort to hard seating like chairs, benches and on the floor, and a lovely addition to beds and sofas, the Disc Squab Cushion is Klay’s most popular design. It features a pleasingly circular appearance and a flat yet supportive shape that provides a very practical level of cushioning that can serve multiple purposes.

Structured and firm, Klay cushions are designed and made with endurance in mind, thanks to the methodical handiwork. Hand-crafted layers (and unparalleled composition) make Klay cushions resilient and comfortable.

The soft, supportive cushion inners are made from recycled fibre flocking, wadding and batting (a blend that is 80% wool), covered in calico, each is hand-trussed, sculpted and steam-moulded into its final shape. Klay cushion outers are made from cotton and velvet. The cushion outer features an invisible colour-matched zip and can be removed and washed.

Size: 38cm diameter (or 43cm when cover is flat), 10cm high. Weight with inner: approx 800 grams.

Made in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Please note that the cotton range is locally overdyed, so part of their character is that they may have flaws or streaks from the hand made processes — which is part of what makes this textile so special.

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