Moonstar Gym Classic/ Natural

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The Gym Classic is an elegant and classic unisex canvas sneaker, which has a lovely weight to it: lightweight and comfy, but incredibly well detailed and durable.

The canvas colour is an off-white natural and the natural rubber is a warm off-white colour.

The hallmark of Moonstar is the vulcanizing, or ka-ryu, process in Japanese, performed by only a select handful of shoe manufacturers around the world. In the ka-ryu process, each shoe is fired in a kiln which causes the sulfur mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its natural elasticity and creating a soft, flexible, and durable sole.

Vulcanization is a process that is done in very few factories around the world. Vulcanized shoes are durable, have a flexible sole and can maintain their shape. The fine quality that comes from this process can only be achieved by the hands of a skilled craftsperson.

Moonstar have been producing shoes in Kurume (which is a city located in Kyushu, Japan) since 1873.

Vegan friendly.

The cm sizing is Japanese shoe sizing (24cm, 25cm etc). The cm refers to the size, rather than the actual inside dimension. 

Questions about sizing? Check out the Shoe Sizing page for internal measurements. Or feel free to email me and I can help as much as I can!

Watch the video below to see how and where these beautiful shoes are made...